The old Rosemary Building

This abandoned building sits at Detroit Ave and Phillips Ave in Toledo, OH . . my Dad lived here in his final years and seemed content with his location.

In 2016 a teen fell down the elevator shaft and died while inside with a group of friends . . this leads me to wonder if the building could be haunted . .?

Matt and I did a bit of urbex, but only outside this building. It appears to be fairly well secured so we couldn’t even get pics through broken windows!

I am wondering how many souls have made use of this out if sight alcove to avoid the weather?

5 responses to “The old Rosemary Building”

  1. Eeek it reeks of creepiness. My daughter would love it! Too many episodes of “Ghost Hunters” 🙋all my fault.

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    1. LOL .. I’d love to get inside . . and I’d love to know it’s history . . I saw posts from a local fireman who’s been inside . . not the same as being there though . .

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  2. Wow. This must have been nice in its heyday. It looks like it should be demolished, or restored, now.

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    1. I think the tags on the front denote it will be used for fireman training . . that fire would be sad but spectacular to watch

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  3. maybe a strong storm will demolish it none of our mayors care how shit like this makes out city look it would have been demolished if it was downtown where could look at it every time they passed by it


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