pt. #24 ~ Local Government a Bunch of Heartless Artichokes!!

Celeste was growing weary of the bustle of the coffee shop as crowds began to pack the place. At first the owner was upset about the coupon but quickly noticed the potential increase in sales. Tables were filling with tourists and locals munching fresh-baked muffins and sipping hot coffee. Meanwhile staff were setting up the alfresco seating and Celeste moved outside for some air. A flower car drove by reminding Celeste of hippy days and a simpler time she’d heard her grandma talk about. She looked up and down the street then headed across to the library to do some much needed research.

Inside the library Celeste found the back staircase and the hidden elegance of the building. The rest if the building looked like a deranged genie with quirky decorating and organizational skills had attacked in the dark! She wondered why aesthetics had to be sacrificed so often? Celeste noted that the back stairs were roped off and led to the attic as well as the basement. That could be useful later!!

Celeste wandered the library taking in the scent of well-preserved knowledge folded into neat portable packages. . . she allowed her fingers to trace along the book spines and noted the number of homeless citizens reading or chatting or watching the news. Her ears were pricked for any talk of the mines and she soon heard librarians discussing what had been found below the streets. Apparently, and to Celeste’s utter consternation, they chose to partake in the hollow earth theories. They believed there were roads underground that linked everyone everywhere! “Next thing you know they’ll be believing in edible raspberry roads!!!”

Celeste kept wandering until she found the local history section with the antique phone books and platt maps. Pulling a prohibition era phone book Celeste thumbed through the pages until she found the soda shops. Then she pulled an older copy and looked up the breweries. Sitting quietly she pieced together where probable tunnel entrances would have been. Grateful for the available scrap paper and pencils Celeste left the library with clear definite notes and a better plan.

Outside Celeste found a spot to sit and observe the effect the mines was having on the city. She phoned spoke with Allen on her cell and set a time to meet. Celeste thought how the local government was acting like heartless artichokes the way they only used people!

Time to find lunch and do some urbex (urban exploring)!!

6 responses to “pt. #24 ~ Local Government a Bunch of Heartless Artichokes!!”

  1. What a cool idea to share posts with your story. I love it!

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    1. Thank you for linking up!! ☺ I can say I have met some truly dear people on WordPress and miss you all when my life is too hectic to read your posts. . . I’m even beginning to read some of your posts to my clients and superior writing, diverse lives and global love should be spread.


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