My Absence. .

Hey, all . . sorry I’ve been a bit absentminded lately. . Matt and I are in the process of making changes to our lives and it’s had me preoccupied.

Don’t fret as these are all good changes . .

* a way more solid budget

* a fresh IEP for Matt

* more family time

* sorting and cleaning

* setting up for a better future

* major car repairs


And I am thinking of either deleting or rehabbing my Facebook (your thoughts?) .. I have so many groups I’m in but don’t even visit . . .. definitely time for clean-up at minimum. . and I may also go back to having it be friends only. . for a time I was using it mainly to promote my blog but deleted the Facebook app a couple weeks ago (and haven’t missed it even a smidge) . . .

So, all in all, there are many ongoing changes here . . I will be posting details as we progress so stay tuned!!

Meanwhile I’m going to try to catch up with all each of you are posting as well as get my own posts done . . . . .


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