Blog Updates

Hey, welcome back!! So glad you are here . . thought I’d share a bit of rambling thoughts on my blog(s) . . . I’ve been thinking a lot lately about (everything) what feels like a long arduous process of cutting and pasting all my posts from my blog on Patreon and moving these to WordPress. . it’s a pain!! Because Patreon is still a fairly new platform they have not added a button to expedite exporting posts to another platform. . . and so, I must cut/paste individually then delete each from Patreon. As I do this I’ve been trying to be careful to post each on WordPress on the correct date/time to coincide with the original posting. . . . it is interesting to look back at where we were 1+ years ago. . where we lived . . what I was praying about . . what we were trying to change in our lives . . . . some of the posts were a pay-per-view only on Patreon while others were free . . all are free on WordPress . . and I am looking closely at what my thought process was when I decided on the monetary value of some posts over others . . . . I very much need to finish transferring all posts . . doing so will give you a more fluid picture of where we were and where we are going . . also the why of much of it . . I’d love to simply move the rest of the posts this week and be done vs having them hanging over my head taunting me . . LOL 😂 but I also need to personally deal with what was behind some of the posts and that takes time . . people and situations I’ve been praying about can’t be passed over quickly. . . God has shown me some of what will come if I’m faithful and patient. . but the journey has been long and rough and I am weary . . getting through those posts takes extra time and prayer . . so stay tuned . . ‘new’ posts will be popping up at odd random spots in my blog’s timeline . . hopefully, over time, you will see and understand more of our/my journey (past, present and future) . . .

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