Praying and Planning . .

Hey there. . I’ve been really seeking God’s guidance on my path . . . I had sincerely been hoping and praying for a restoration of my marriage but had this feeling for months that I wasn’t on the right path . . even though it really seemed like I was biblically correct in what I was praying for . . still this nagging feeling kept at me over and over. .

Finally, one day as I was driving to/from work I began to rethink all the verses I was basing my prayers on . . and then remembering (thank you, Pastor Frank Wallace) what I had been taught. . . how had this very important piece not been included in my previous thought processes? Wow, had I wasted a lot of years praying for something that did not at all line up with the Word of God!!

And so now? Well, I move on . . in no hurry to date yet would love to meet a man who could start as a really good friend then build more. . in God’s timing I will meet someone . . . .

One comment

  1. As I continue to pray, read mu Bible and seek God’s desires in this matter I have come to realize that, regardless of how this makes others feel, God meant for marriage to be a forever commitment. When I married Hector I madena solemn promise to God that this would be my final and forever marriage. As He keeps leading me to more and more verses I see how things can be twisted so divorce becomes an easy way out. But . . remarriage to another is not an option. I went into this marriage fully knowing, as a born again saved Holy Spirit filled woman, that God dislikes divorce. As much as it oftentimes seems futile to continue to pray for my husband and our marriage I am going to . . wholeheartedly . . yes, I realize pur son and I myself never hear from him, But that does not mean God isn’t working in the situation. I know that, in His time, God will restore our marriage and our little family!!


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