💰 My Budgeting Thoughts . ..

Hey there. How’s your budgeting going? I’d love to say it’s been fantabulous but it’s been a disaster due primarily to a severe lack of organization. And I do mean severe.

In January my car was repossessed. I was disorganized plain and simple. And I was a bit overwhelmed with all I had on my plate for the last few years. Waking one morning to a phone call from the local police asking if I’d recovered the stolen licence plate from the car that had just been repossessed. . and I had no idea it was even in the process of being repossessed until that moment 😒 Frankly I’m still surprised that the stress I went through didn’t give me another stroke!!

{Now, on a side note, I must say I have way too much on my plate to handle alone. With single-parenting an aspie teen plus working full time I can get off track on other things. This is why I am stopping to learn to budget my money God’s way. If I rely on him for guidance we’ll be way more than okay}

Here is a list of my basic recurring bills:

I’m not including things like old medical bills, only current bills.

I’ve taken each average monthly bill and multiplied it by 12 months then divided by 52 weeks and rounded that number up. This gives me the amount I need to set aside from each weekly paycheck. And I must say I’ve edited this list since I started.

Now, every week when I get paid, I know how much to leave in the bill-pay checking account and how much to transfer to the everyday spending account . .



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