pt 27~ Underground Rumbling?

Celeste looked around the hotel bathroom and relaxed a bit. So nice to have a place to sleep . . and yet she felt a deep longing to explore and continue her adventures. . .

She gathered the soaps and shampoos and hopped into a hot shower sighing deeply as the water washed away night after night of dirt and exploring. “I could so get used to this!!”, Celeste said aloud. She scrubbed thoroughly, even washing her hair three (3) times to make extra sure it was really clean. Then Celeste stood under the water and just breathed in and out. .

Later, as she toweled off and put on the hotel bath robe, Celeste thought of asking Allen, “How many people did you tell?” She wondered who knew her true identity and link to the tunnel mystery . .? She’d have to talk to Allen more in depth later.

Peeking out her window she saw a stand of trees and remembered how it felt to be deep in the woods . . that had always felt like her place in the world. Drawn to the trees Celeste pushed the curtain open wider and discovered her room had a sliding glass door. Quietly she slipped outside careful to draw her bathrobe tightly about her otherwise naked frame. As she crossed the small grassy field she saw ahead fallen apples and a smile lit up her face. If she was lucky she’d have stewed apples for breakfast in the morning!!

Feeling a bit like a rebel wandering the forest in her bathrobe, Celeste did a little dance out under the trees then took her stash of fresh apples to her room. As she padded barefoot through the grass she remembered the day she peered over the bridge wondering which way to go . . into the water or . . risk being seen? She’d just escaped the basement and was unsure of her next move, other than as far away as possible!

Celeste shook her head hoping to dispell all the memories then closed and locked the door. She checked her room and bathroom~ no one had wandered in while her door stood open.

“Okay, I need clean clothes .. time to hand wash as much as I can . .”, and Celeste began to fill the tub with hot water and dirty clothing. She shaved the bar soap and lathered that into to water then agitated her laundry a bit. Leaving it to soak she turned back her bed and turned on the news. Hopping onto her fresh bed she plugged in her cell charger and watched the local news. . all the latest on the tunnels and mines. Although access to the tunnels and mines had been denied to news crews the President had sent in a huge team to investigate. Celeste chuckled, closed her eyes and felt her body melt into the cool clean sheets . .

Just the she realized she had laundry soaking and went to scrub her clothing. As she sat on the edge of the tub scrubbing her jeans Celeste noticed that same underground rumbling she’d felt by the mines. “It simply can’t be happening here too!”, she exclaimed. Celeste finished her laundry, grabbed her room key and ice bucket and wandered the halls. . .

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  2. I’m going back to read he rest of the story :)

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    1. Thank you!! Eventually I want to do a complete edit (spiff up, more depth . .) and submit to a publisher . . or maybe publish on Amazon


      1. I think you should πŸ™‚

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        1. Thank you!! πŸ’™πŸŒΌπŸ’™

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  3. […] pt 27~ Underground Rumbling? – What if We all Cared? […]

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    1. Thank you for linking!!


  4. This sounds interesting! I try to catch up with the previous parts too! πŸ™‚

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