Rambling. . random thoughts . .

As I watch Meghan and Harry’s wedding my mind wanders back to my own simple wedding with my borrowed dress . . how nervous I was!! . .. . and in watching the video . . my daughter such a delightful young lady . . my groom so handsome in his suit .. Ah, the memories . .. . 1999 was such a long time ago . . we became a little family .. then, in 2001, we added a chunky little son to cuddle and love . . . so so long ago . .. . .

And today . .? Well, our marriage fell apart (trusting in God for restoration . . even when I get discouraged) . . . right now it is just Matt and I . . and life goes on . . we are on an incredible adventure as a family . . learning the ins and outs of aspergers daily. . . planning our next adventures . . encouraging and challenging each other daily . .

We are looking at moving in October.. We’ve scoped out a local apartment building that appears to be well managed and is in a much nicer residential area. We are also looking at the possibility of buying a home near the Toledo Zoo . . so many options for improving our living situation!!

I have been (still) spending much of my time in silent private prayer. Sometimes I share these prayers with you as we all struggle in some area and many of us share, unknowingly, the same struggles. It helps to see that we’re not in it alone.

There are also people I pray for whom I hope will see this, even though we no longer communicate, and know they are in my prayers and that I truly care what happens to them. . . . . and there are people I pray will find Jesus or that God will bless them with amazing things that cause them to move far away from my family . . away where they can’t cause us any more pain . . the beauty of prayer is that we can pray for anyone we want to. Many days I lift my clients in prayer as my life would empty without them. And I pray for people who don’t want me around . . just because they don’t care does not mean I have to also be coldhearted. I pray for my 1st husband (who raped our preschool aged daughter) and am hopeful his life will someday be touched and he’ll give his life to Jesus . . I pray for my 2nd husband that he will meet Jesus and find His love surpasses anything Allah could promise . . I pray for my 3rd husband that his heart is softened towards our son and myself and our family restored . .

The beauty of prayer is that the government can’t regulate it!!

All day every day we can pray without ceasing for whomever He has put on our hearts!


Side note~ I have decided that I will finish moving all my blog posts from Patreon to WordPress. . these are all posts from the past and may or may not reflect where I am currently but need to all be together on one site. This will allow me to close down my Patreon site. As you read through these posts please note the date it was originally written as this will give you a better sense of our path. I sincerely hope to have all these posts moved in the next 1-2 weeks.

I am also planning to go back to publishing a tbt post every Thurs reposting some of my favorite posts from way back when I first began blogging . . these are so much fun for me to reread (most anyways as some make we wonder what/if I was thinking!!) . . . as soon as I can afford to I will be setting up my WordPress to be able to post videos. . I have a few videos on Patreon and will share those posts here, but it will look cheesy until I pay for proper video hosting privileges. . .

Stay tuned and, please, let me know what you think!!


  1. Keep on praying! That is one area of my journey with Christ that I fall short, even though I know how important it is.
    I’ll be interested in some of those early posts. We must have been thinking along the same lines. I had decided that after my blog’s one year anniversary (June 24), I’m going to reblog an early post once per month for awhile.

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    • Yes, it’s fun/interesting to look back and see who I was back then compared to now.
      And I absolutely have to keep praying. I don’t read my Bible every day but I do pray 99% of the days . . sometimes all day long.

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  2. On WordPress you can back date your posts and they will slot in to where they would have been if you had posted them originally.
    Good luck with your potential move, moving is hard work.

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