A Simpler Life on the River

I have long dreamed of living on a shanty boat as people did long ago. I am drawn to a simpler life and river life seems to fit the description. In the movie ‘Tammy and the Bachelor’ Tambrey “Tammy” Tyree and her grandfather lived on a shanty boat and seemed quite comfortable. They had the basics available and was content with what they had.

That’s a good life.

2 responses to “A Simpler Life on the River”

  1. Whether it be a simple life, or one that’s complicated, God is the only One who can give real peace and contentment. I long for a life free of the problems that my grown children face, but I’m powerless, and have to depend on God’s faithfulness to bring these challenges to an end in His timing, with His purpose accomplished. I depend on Him totally, for peace while I wait.
    I know from your posts that you rely on the Lord too. I hope we can both say, “It is well with my soul.”

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