A Sweet Treat w/ a New Twist

Welcome back!

Were you, like me, raised eating bread, peanut butter and syrup all mixed together in a bowl? Growing up we used either light or dark Karo Syrup for this concoction as well as on pancakes and ice cream. I can’t remember there being a particular brand of peanut butter but do remember Bunny Bread being a staple in our home.

A few evenings ago I came home from work hungry and craving a nice bowl of this childhood favorite. In the kitchen I began to tear apart a slice of bread (we eat wheat bread) and pile it into the bowl. I scooped on a glob of peanut butter (we have Skippy right now). It seemed a bit plain and I realized I was also craving a fresh banana so I sliced one on top then poured on some generic pancake syrup. It still seemed plain but I realized we had Hershey’s caramel syrup syrup in the fridge (not sure why but we are eating that super slowly even though we both absolutely love it!!) and added a small amount just for extra flavor.

Wow!! 😋

When I mixed it all and took my first bite I was sold.

🍞 Heaven in a bowl 💜

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