Nighttime Visitor

I was sleeping peacefully when Manicotti began trying to climb the wall. This cat was desperate to get something and, at 2:30am, I was desperate to continue sleeping. I explained in no uncertain terms that he was to quit and I began to doze off when I noticed he was creeping slowly up my bed. . . I figured he heard something in the wall as this is an old building . . . I moved my embroidery floss bag (doesn’t every normal woman keep embroidery floss within arm’s reach?!.!) and noticed he hesitated. There on my mattress next to my pillow was a Pinching Beetle!!

Do you see in the photo how enormous this thing was (it’s sitting on a lid from a 20oz Aquafina bottle)??! I was able to catch it and put it outside. . . of course only after letting Manicotti sniff it and accidentally waking Matt who was duly impressed. Then I put it out the window. Hopefully it will find a nice old sap-filled rotting tree to live in!! It definitely does not need to bring it’s family to live here.

2 responses to “Nighttime Visitor”

  1. I would not have wanted to see that bug in my bed!!

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