🐧Pickled Penguins 🚣 in Kayaks 🐦

Six overly large pickled purple penguins were spotted kayaking on the Ottawa River when they were overtaken by a band of careless cucumbers. The sight was such a spectacle that the dancing daffodils began laughing till they fell over!!

And what caused this? Why the swirling jet streams had all the local and extraterrestrial wildlife confused and intermingled . . . .

Now to wait for the large birds from Danville, to swoop in and begin feasting!!

2 responses to “🐧Pickled Penguins 🚣 in Kayaks 🐦”

  1. Lol I love this! sooo amusing! ❤

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    1. Imagine penguins taking over the planet!! 🐧

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