Using Barbed Wire in Crafts

Could braided barbed wire become a ‘thing’?

Could one take ordinary barbed wire, like is used in farming, and create works of art by braiding, twisting and weaving it?

Would these creations, maybe simply for their uniqueness alone, sell?

Your thoughts . ?

7 responses to “Using Barbed Wire in Crafts”

  1. I have seen and admired decorative crosses made from twisted barbed wire. Quite honestly barbed wire scares me. My one big question would be – could getting injured on rusted barbed wire potentially cause tetanus. Everybody has a lawyer you know.

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  2. Depends how you place them. Individually i am not sure. But if you make something out of it. Maybe wrap around a lamp or something i might look good.

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    1. Yes, I hadn’t thought of household use!! ๐Ÿ’ก


  3. Your question made me curious so I searched Pinterest for barbed wire art and there are some amazing pieces pictured there, so yes, I guess it has become a thing!

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  4. Well art can be produced through anything. I don’t think they should sell it though. Barbed wire is quite sharp.

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