Hiking Cullen Park

A shady trail . .

Leaves of three . .

Stay away from me!!

Matt exploring washed up driftwood . . .

Pretty scenery . .

Loving a shady hike along Lake Erie . .

Watching the water come in ..

Lake breeze is refreshing!!

The rest of the trail to the island was underwater!

We would’ve been walking on slippery mossy rocks . .

Contemplating a tree ..

8 responses to “Hiking Cullen Park”

  1. Looks like the walk was pleasant, with lots of interesting sights.

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    1. It’s a beautiful path and so relaxing . . as well as challenging in spots!!

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  2. Drift wood can be beautiful. My husband has a piece that he has stained and is going to make a knot board out of it.

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    1. What is a ‘knot board’?


      1. It is usually considered a maritime piece. It displays various kinds of knots. I tried to copy a photo of one he made here but was unable to. If you do a google search you can see different images.

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  3. Looks like fun, i sure miss visiting a lake.

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    1. Wish I lived closer . . really want another boat ..


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