Didomi Prayer

I switched my Bible study books and realized I had ceased Didomi prayer. I sat reading, rereading and shaking my head . . almost got whiplash realizing what I had done!!

Yes, of course I’ve continued praying, but definitely not Didomi.

Simple prayers . .

Tearful prayers . .

Painful prayers. .

Joyful prayers . .

But all simply prayers . . quick . . not intensely imploring, nee besieging heaven for His Will and His help.

For months I had been in Didomi prayer almost daily . . some days all day . . some half . . some a few short hours of intensely seeking Him.

I do know what happened, but I can blame no one but myself. I allowed mean comments to hinder my prayer life and my relationship with the Heavenly Father. For a while (about a week) I pretty much stopped praying. I know that sounds really bad, but the attack the devil was creating was serious and thorough as well as relentless.

Then I switched churches. I went back to my basic prayer life immediately but wasn’t drawn to attend as I had been with the previous church. And I wasn’t finding that my notes from the new church service inspired me to do Bible study.

Somewhere in the trade-off for a church where I was accepted I lost personal motivation to pray Didomi and to study the Word intently.

Not acceptable. . it is not up to a church to inspire me to do Bible study or pray! This must come from within.

And, if I’m in a season of intense Bible study, I have to learn to not allow others to hinder that.

And so I start over . .


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