Staying in Touch

One evening, feeling a deep need for new basic stationary to write to someone very special to me, I stopped at Target and bought this boxed set. Such pretty interchangable cards and envelopes would make writing short notes fun!! I’d be able to send quick updates on what we’re doing or thinking . . the cards are like bright colored unlined index cards with pretty designs cut into each.

But then, someone (who knows my friend I bought these for) informed me that I’d better not contact my friend again. . . or else.

And so . . here I am with an almost full box of cards. . and I’m not safely able to write my friend any longer.



  1. That is so sad. It can hurt when those we care for stop communicating, and it’s even worse when it’s not that person you want to reach out to who is cutting off the communication. I am in the unfortunate situation where my oldest daughter will not talk to me. Every time I try, she lashes out in a hurtful tirade.

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