Libby Glass Exhibit

Hi! Have you been to The Toledo Museum of Art Glass Pavilion? We stopped by to see the Libbey Glass Exhibit and you should too!

Here are some of the pieces on display:

We brought my Mom with us:

Imagine this on your foyer table with a huge bouquet of fresh flowers!!

Such intricate detail!

Imagine these oil lamps lighting your home . .

Elegant table. .

Would these lights look spiffy next to your favorite rocker?

Ribbons won by Libbey Glass at World’s Fair:

Dress made of spun glass. .

Assorted dessert cups:

10 responses to “Libby Glass Exhibit”

  1. I especially like the blue vase and the red goblet. Who would have thought you could make a dress out of spun glass?

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    1. Isn’t it all so beautiful and amazing??!

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      1. And made so long ago . . they were truly skilled craftsmen!!

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  2. Beautiful pictures ~ Thanks for sharing


    1. Thank you! The art museum is always a fun adventure!!

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      1. I bet. I looks cool!

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    1. It’s so beautiful 🌞


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