Our Aspergers Life

Hey, I know I’ve been a bit AWOL again . . been working looong hours plus caring for Matt . . I’ve decided to begin doing posts about our life . . yes, most of my posts somehow touch on our everyday lives, but I’ve not been sharing openly about how Matt’s Aspergers affects daily life. And this will ramble as a stream of consciousness so please ignore punctuation and grammar . . I need to share in my “spare” moments and as thoughts occur to me . . it may seem a bit disjointed but then so is our life!! ☺

The exhaustion . . it is a complete exhaustion. . can become an all-consuming desire to sleep for days. . . I find myself daydreaming about napping . . a cabin in the woods . . huge pile if the fluffiest comforters. . tons of soft pillows . . . a fire in an old wood stove. . a good book . . writing supplies . . a quilt to sew . .. Ahhhhh . . .

Yes, of course I love him dearly . . can’t imagine life without him . . but this life is tiring. . .

I leave for work and only ask him to complete one chore . . come home and it’s not done .. . not even started . .

“Please vacuum and move the furniture when you do” . . . every piece of furniture is in exactly the same spot when I get home . . floors are dusty . . kleenex, food wrappers and random bits of trash litter every floor.

And he greets me like a cherub . . sweet and innocent . . no memory of the chore requested . .

Or I ask him to take out trash . . that’s simple, right? But it doesn’t get taken out and, many times, it’s morphed by the time I get home!

Now there is a flip side .. Matt’s aspergers means he needs lots of extra love and attention. . so I have a son who quite often dotes on me . . that is nice 😊

He cooks for me too .. Regular spaghetti . . and large plates of noodles smothered in either ranch or blue cheese dressing . . and that is my supper made especially for me with love . . and I eat it . . because I am lucky to be so loved. ❤

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