Toledo Museum of Art Glass Pavilion

Do you need a family outing destination? Need to bring culture into your life on a low budget?

Stop by the Toledo Museum of Art Glass Pavilion! It is definitely come as you are and I have never felt out of place there no matter if I was dressed up a bit or had just come from work. And, the displays are all behind glass so little fingers can’t accidentally break anything.

Lidded royal cups:

The bells decorating the bottoms of these mirrors’ frames fascinate me. What could have been the purpose?

These are dessert glasses on a glass stand! How neat!!

This is a trick drinking cup made for parties. The trick was to figure out which opening you were supposed to drink from!!!

2 responses to “Toledo Museum of Art Glass Pavilion”

  1. Some beautiful specimens! Some are so intricately decorated. I also wonder what the bells were for.

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