Praying on a Beach

If I could go floating away . . not to leave completely forever. . but to close my eyes and let all troubles go . . float and daydream . or float and pray .. . lift my prayers and heart to God . .

A day at the beach with Matt . . watching people on See-Do’s. . .

Matt listening to his music as he walks the beach . .

Don’t drink lake water? You know you can’t help but get some in your mouth . . but why does Lake Erie have to be polluted??!

9 responses to “Praying on a Beach”

    1. Lake Erie . . farm run-off and other stuff . .

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      1. The sign is for information. . the water is really nice right now 🏊

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      2. I feel sooo much better after time at this beach 🏊

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      3. Yes, we will . . 🌊

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