Who Really Controls the Weather?

Have you noticed all the discussion about weather manipulation? Ever wonder if the poles are really melting because humans exist? Think the volcano going off in Hawaii may have been triggered by an earthquake the government deliberately set off?

As usual I’ve been watching the weather and find the gradual changes interesting. More interesting is how so many feel that man is able to completely control the weather.

honestly . ?

God has the final say in everything, including the weather. Man can try to use a myriad of devices to change it, but God has the ultimate final say as to whether or not it will happen.

Yes, I’ve seen HAARP circles near bizarre storms . . but I know God had a reason for the storms or He would not have allowed them.

Yes, fracking triggers earthquakes which trigger volcanic eruptions. . but God only allows these chains of events if it suits His Divine Will.

God has a reason and purpose for everything.

Enjoy the weather changes He brings.

4 responses to “Who Really Controls the Weather?”

  1. Yup, he’s in control of EVERYTHING not man. I love the weather changes, although we only get to experience just two seasons. Rainy & dry season lol

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    1. We get all 4 seasons and then some odd combo seasons . . maybe to keep us on our toes!!

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