Kindness of God


Did you know we serve a kind God? He truly is an amazingly patient, loving and kind Heavenly Father. Look at how often we make mistakes or outright disobey yet He still shows fatherly kindness to us, His precious children!

This morning I was reading my tiny Bible study in The Little Pocket Devotional for Women . . the topic was “Random Acts of Kindness” and included verses: Prov. 11:17, Prov. 12:25, Psalm 118:1, Prov. 19:17, Titus 3:4-5, Col. 3:12-13. . . all such good verses to read and meditate on!!

The premise of the study was to take note each time God is kind to us then show a kindness to another. I like that ☺

I’d like to add my own list of all the kindness He’s shown me recently:

* patience as I fumble through changes

* unending agape love

* a listening ear

* a hug when I just can’t cope any longer

* an amazing son who sincerely cares about me

* a safe quiet place to live

* a good job with unbelievably fun people

* healthy groceries in abundance

* family who love us

Yes, He has definitely been very kind to me!! So I must pay this forward ❤

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