Reaching 500K for Jesus this Summer?!!

Love Jesus?

Want to share that love?

Join the Pocket Testament League 500K Challenge and help introduce Jesus’ love and salvation to 500K nonbelievers!!

Let me say that I only ordered 240 Pocket Testaments. . and, so far, I’ve shared eight (8) of those.

For me, as I’m extremely shy, this has been a big step . . committing to sharing at least 240 of these (Book of John) this summer . . as well as finding ways to be courageous enough to approach strangers and share my faith . . so I am beginning to pass these out. . at the laundromat. . to homeless on street corners. . to drive thru clerks . .

Would you like to share Jesus’ love with others? Simply click on the link above and order whichever Pocket Testaments tickle your fancy!!

🙏 Let’s bring 500K to Jesus this summer!!! 🙌

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