Joy Dare July 8-15, 2018

🌊 8th~ 3 gifts water . .

🏊 Maumee Bay

β˜” hope of rain

🚿 long shower


9th~ a gift of rhythm, rhyme, reason . .

🍁 watching the seasons in my life

βœ’He’s rewriting my plan

πŸ“– His answers


10th~ 3 gifts in weakness . .

πŸ’” heart breaking to heal properly

🌱 fresh start

πŸ‚ watching the old leave


11th~ 3 gifts in jars . .

πŸŽ‚ applesauce cake

🍊 marmalade

πŸ”‘ keys


12th~ a gift of life, growth, decline. .

πŸ“– Salvation

πŸ“’ Bible study

πŸ‘΄ senior passing to heaven


13th~ 3 gifts curled. .

πŸ‘© my hair as I swim

πŸš™ winding country roads

🐱 Manicotti snuggled up


14th~ 3 gifts yellow . .

β˜€ sunny morning

πŸ› cheesy noodles with chicken

πŸ‹ lemon water


15th~ 3 gifts of stone. ..

πŸ“– His solid agape love

πŸ’• family

🏰 fortress of safety in Him

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