pt.#34~ Karma for Eavesdropping

Allen raised his cup of coffee and they toasted their endeavors, research and future as a team, “cheers!! May all we do bring us closer together and make this a better world.”, Allen said grinning.

Celeste’s thoughts drifted to those who had created the mines and she chuckled at the thought of conveniently getting to quarantine then in the walls of the library using glass walls! 😂 She asked Allen for an update on the mines.

“Some big wig wants to create a patriotic contract to straighten it all out. The contract would give all involved inmates double time served fir each day worked in the mines and a stipen. They’re loving that idea!!”, he answered then there was a long pause. “All the officials are still locked up in the county jail with the same inmates they used. That has proven to make the inmates as well as constituents happy. The trial date has yet to be set as it will be a federal hearing and not all evidence has been processed. This trial may be years in the future.”

“Wow!”, was all Celeste could say. Then she excused herself, hopped up and ambled to the restroom. A gigantic woman with what appeared to be fastidious clothing choices followed Celeste into the restroom and began making odd clucking noises. Suddenly a camera came out from under her dress and she tried to take Celeste’s photo! Celeste grabbed the camera then noticed wires poking out her neckline and grabbed those too. Out popped an audio recorder!! Celeste grabbed it and ran back to the booth where Allen was. She told him, breathless, what had happened and he managed to grab the woman as she exited the building. She was the on deputy who had been on the loose!!

As the eavesdropping was hauled away Allen and Celeste decided to celebrate the karma that had played out that night. They sat back, ordered fresh coffee and pecan pie and discussed whether they should order the breakfast buffet, which opened in ten (10) minutes or head out . . as they wandered past the buffet and saw the fresh scrambled eggs, sweet rolls, french toast . . well, they decided to stay for breakfast!! ☕🍞🍳

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