Matthew 6:33

33But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.

Looking at all He has done for me in forgiving my many sins and changing my life . . from where I was . . lost and alone . . looking to every man I met for the love and security only a real relationship with God could provide. . . in 1982 at a church revival in a small town in West Virginia I asked Jesus into my heart and that changed my life forever. . but there wasn’t any follow-up from my home church and we simply didn’t ever discuss our relationship with God at home . . ever . . my life backslid . .then we moved across country so I was no longer at that church. . . our new church didn’t offer any new believer supports or even ask if we were saved (very middle of the road) . . . . . my life was completely back to square one! In 1996 I saw where my life was headed and I rededicated my life to Christ . . and I grew . . then I moved again . . and kept up as best I could with no supports . . and I met a friend who took me to his church . . a Pentecostal church . . very nice. . . . they actually asked where I was in my walk. . and I was finally baptized there!! Water baptized. . full submersion. . . in Jesus’ name 🙌

The story goes on and on . . all the while He was by my side . . holding my hand . . picking me up when I stumbled . . showing me my errors gently . . as He sees me doing my best to obey Him, He provides for me . . I am never abandoned or alone . . never lost in the cold . . He knows I am not perfect . . sees all my quite numerous imperfections and helps me slowly polish each one until they are glowing perfections . . and He uses some to help me reach others who are as imperfect as I . that’s the kind of glorious God that He is!!!

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