Organizing Sewing Projects to Grab-n-Go

Hey there crafting friends!! Ever wish you had your latest projects ready to grab at a moment’s notice?!! That’s how I’ve been feeling and the aggravation of having to dig around for all the little bits and pieces (matching thread, lace, ect).

So I set each project out pulled out and pulled together all the missing items needed to complete each. Then I grabbed a box of gallon size Ziploc style bags and popped each project into it’s own bag and sealed each tightly.

Doesn’t that look tidy and ready to go??! 😊

The next step was standing each bag up in a giant Ziploc so I can literally grab-n-go. Super neat and easy.

Now I’m ready to make some real progress and my supplies look more like inventory (which they are) then a stash (which resembles hording).

2 responses to “Organizing Sewing Projects to Grab-n-Go”

  1. awesome! very tidy now and so creative too! xx

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    1. Thank you . . yes . . it’s so nice to know I can work on these easily!!

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