How to Clean Your Frog πŸΈ

Have you ever thought about your prayer life and your faith and trust in God and wondered, “wow, I’m getting nowhere! This feels like a meaningless ritual. How did this happen?”

Maybe it’s time to clean your frog . . yes I am suggesting cleaning your frog 🐸 will improve your prayer life and faith!!






So, stop a moment and close your eyes . . what is interrupting your prayer time?




I fully understand. Sometimes I head into prayer with the weight of the world on my shoulders. Then I remember I’m not alone. God can take all my worries!! I pause, close my eyes and ask God to handle my burdens . . and He does!!

Distractions from children can be difficult during prayer time. Matt isn’t always able to focus so I allow him to bring his sketchbook and supplies to prayer time. He is occupied and I can pray. Although he may/may not be praying he hears everything going on around him. In God’s timing Matt will develop his own prayer life. I’m not going to force this but let him learn by example.

The point is, you can pray anywhere. Simply focus your mind on God. Then give Him complete control. He will open amazing doors for you if you will let Him!!


9 responses to “How to Clean Your Frog πŸΈ”

    1. Thank you . . sometimes we have to reboot our relationship with our Heavenly Father πŸ™

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      1. 😊❀🐸


  1. So good and so true! <3

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    1. Don’t ya know .. gotta keep it a priority πŸ’–


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