Yes, I’m 54 yrs young and single. . . well, divorced and apparently beyond reconciliation. This situation could cause intense depression and stall all forward progress but I’m not letting that happen. You see, this time alone may have been given to me as a blessing. It could be that this is a time for me to rebalance my life, find what He has planned for my future. . . .

And when I meet a man?

Well, I really need for us to be best friends first, even before romance begins. As I talk to so many elderly couples I can see the secret is their solid friendship. That has carried them through. They have been married 60+ years and still have a strong marriage!!

Yes, romance and sex are nice. . I’ll give you that. But, at my age, sex isn’t a priority . . I can seriously take it or leave it and rarely miss it. And romance can be such a fleeting thing. I’ll take a solid friendship any day . . a man I can trust with my deepest inner feelings . . pillow talk about any and everything.

Meanwhile . . I am looking at furthering my education. . where does God need me and where would I like to be in 5-10 years and what training do I need to get there? Where should Matt and I move. . I want an RV or boat but Matt wants a house?

Lots of prayer going into all of it. .

4 responses to “Singleness”

  1. I hope you get there with the education! Learning is good. I wish you luck finding that special someone too. Your right. A solid friendship is worth its weight in gold.

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    1. Thank you . . prayerfully waiting 🙏


  2. Who’s Matt?
    I agree that friendship is a solid foundation for anything more.
    He has a plan for you. It will all be ok.

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