A Letter to My Boaz

Hi! God bless you and welcome back. Grab a cup of coffee, slip off your shoes and let’s chat . . .

Having come out of a spell of seeking God’s answers and plan for my life I have resurfaced stronger and more deliberate.

He has shown me so much grace and has also shown me how much more my Boaz and our relationship are deserving of grace.

I have once again begun to sit down and write to my Boaz . . little snippets of my day and my prayers for our life together as well as hopes of service to our Lord.

I am also going back through “31 Days of Prayer for Your Future Husband”. It feels good to start again from the very beginning praying blessings over his life and hoping, wherever he is, that he feels how much he is loved and cherished by myself and God!! Yes, I know I went through this book of prayers once, but I am a stronger prayer warrior now.
Day 1: prayer for his spiritual growth

Lord, I pray that You draw my Boaz closer to You. That he hit his knees more willingly in thanksgiving and in seeking Your will in all he does. Lord, please make him stronger so he is not swayed from Your will and help him to check and cross-check all plans with Your Holy Word. Make him a mighty prayer warrior for Your Kingdom!!

2 responses to “A Letter to My Boaz”

  1. Way to go! <3 glad the prayers helped!

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    1. Thank you! Prayers fix things only God can change

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