In October our lease expires and we will be free to move. Ideally I’d like to get a small (class B?) RV to live in full-time. Now, I must say Matt has expressed a serious desire to live in a house . . but . . I can also say with a certainty that, no matter where we live, he will be happy. . . . . in an RV I will be portable and able to go almost anywhere God sends me . . at a moment’s notice!! So we are going to sort and repack-up our apartment yet again . . every time we do this we throw away even more . . that’s a good thing, the thinning out of years of accumulated junk. Less is more for this lifestyle.

Obviously you can see from this that I would dearly love to go into full-time ministry. . . in whatever way God sees as best. I do know I am called to be a Pastor’s wife, but . . that may be years in the fulfilling . . everyday until then God is preparing me . . guiding me . . making me stronger. For right now it is about where to live next and what classes should I take . . all to be prayerful decisions!!

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