🙏Having Prayers Answered🙏

This weekend I asked God for a definitive sign. I am wanting to continue proceeding forward after what seems like almost a lifetime walking in circles, but I absolutely have to have my Heavenly Father walking beside me to do this. I need His blessing and guidance.

So, Sunday morning in worship, He took my hands and held them so tightly and told me, “I will be with you no matter what comes.” That was the only answer I got. . and it really had nothing to do with what I’d prayed for!! I was baffled.

🙏*It was great to feel His presence so closely, but something critical was missing*🙏

Then I decided to Google for an answer. . . I needed to know what went wrong. . I found this site and was impressed with their perspective. It was very biblical and hit on what the weak points were in my prayer.

So now .. ?

I start over beginning filling in the gaps the website pointed out. I have a few things to straighten out before I go before God again with a request.

Next time it will be done right!!

2 responses to “🙏Having Prayers Answered🙏”

  1. good for you! i am glad you have a sorta answer now? xo

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    1. Yes, I must change the way I ask . . and draw closer to Him

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