💕🏡 If Your Husband Needs to Move Away . ?🚙🏡

I’ve been following the saga of all the deportations and am perplexed, to say the least. The concept following your husband to another town seems natural to me as that was how my parents’ marriage went. When my Dad’s job sent him to a new town we packed up and moved with him.

So, as I watch “families ripped apart” because one parent is here illegally, I am confused as to why the whole family isn’t following them? Let’s say your sweetheart gets deported and ends up in Tijuana, one (1) of three (3) locations where illegal immigrants from Mexico end up. What do you do? Go on with life? Sit and be mad? Seems to me that, if you love them, you will pack up your belongings and follow them!

I’ve Googled Tijuana. . yes, there are bad areas. Is there a town in the U S. that is 100% safe in every neighborhood??! But there are also museums and cultural events. Any town is what you make out of it. You can find a place to live, a job and fun activities in a bad or good area. The choice is yours. You can go through the process to be allowed to work in Mexico. . . or get a job in nearby San Diego and deal with ‘la linea’ (the border crossing).

I, personally, can’t imagine anything that would prevent me from simply moving to join him. What do I have that could be more important than my husband? God would not want me to abandon him. And God can use my life no matter where I live (He already has).. . I’m sure there are people in Tijuana who need God’s love right this minute!!

Okay, so this has been today’s rant . .

God Bless


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