42% Savings @ Kroger!!

Got a hungry family to feed?

Stop at Kroger!!

Today, between clients, I went to Kroger and was able to score some amazing deals.

This is all I bought. I initially went in planning to buy the sugar, brush, soap and baby powder.

Because I have a Kroger card I receive spectacular coupons in the mail monthly. These coupons always (so far) include at least one (1) to two (2) coupons for specific free items. The bundle I received in the mail this week was no exception. . free hummas and dinner sausage!! Plus incredible coupons for other items.

On the receipt you can see the Kroger sale discount . . then at the bottom there is a list of the coupons (all received in the mail from Kroger) that I also used.


The total value of what I purchased . .


What I actually spent.

Now, mind you, this is without me using any manufacturers coupons from the paper . . I’m still sooo behind on that! 😒

But this was a nice grocery haul for very little money!!

And now I’m more motivated to get back in the game.

How’s your couponing coming along?

2 responses to “42% Savings @ Kroger!!”

  1. yay, savings! who doesn’t love them! So glad you saved so much!

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    1. It’s fun to find ways to save money . . like a game


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