Quilting and Praying

Hi and welcome back . . I know I’ve been distant lately . . been deep in prayer . . sorting some things out with God . . learning to stand more strongly on what He has told me so that what comes from others can have no impact.
If God has said it is so it will come to pass no matter how impossible it seems to others. Look at how they mocked, belittled and laughed at Noah! He knew what God told him and he followed through on the instructions God gave him. That faith/belief/obedience is how his family was saved from the wrath of God via flood waters. Similarly God has shown me a brilliant future and given me specific instructions in order to accomplish that future correctly. I must follow through.

This last week has been a time of testing. . if I’m given negative feedback or a refusal to respond honestly from people will my faith be strong enough to sort through their gibberish and still stay on the path my Heavenly Father has set for me? The answer is YES!! And thank you, Jesus for this path . . I can already see how, even in the trials, it will bless my life.

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