🙏Not Giving Up~ Not Backing Down🙌

I have noticed that I am needing to keep to myself more . . that’s unfortunate as I’d really love to have at least one true friend (beyond God) who I can trust. . . that one friend to sit and chat over good coffee. . to know each other’s dreams and mistakes without judging or passing that information along . . where I can ask a question and know I’ll get an honest complete answer. . right now my life is in flux . . it may all seem as it was to others but so much is changing. . this means I have big decisions to make. . and I am doing this without a support person. Only prayerful research. . . so the next phase will begin . . with no one close enough to know that changes have been made . . yes, of course Matt will know . . but he is my son . . he knows by default. . and yes, he is someone I trust to talk to . . but . . teen male . . w/ASD . . yeah, I simply can’t repeat every sentence that.many.times . . seriously . . funny how you, my sweet readers, know so much more about my life and what’s in my heart than those who would seem more logical to know!!

I have, in the midst of this, set my sights on His plan for me. I am thinking that maybe this time alone is in preparation for what He has planned next. I am definitely getting stronger and learning to rely only on Him!! And, actually, the sharing of what He has asked of me would only cause stress and drama locally so I do totally see His point. 🙏

2 responses to “🙏Not Giving Up~ Not Backing Down🙌”

  1. hugs, funny how we share so much on our blogs isnt it? with strangers? really good too though that we can do it! xoxo xoxo

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    1. Really really good . . my blog friends have made such a huge difference in my life!!! 💙😊

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