“31 Days of Prayer for My Future Husband”

Hello and welcome back. . yes, I am still praying my way through “31 Days of Prayer for Your Future Husband” . . I have just finished ‘Day 15: prayer for talent’ . . imagine if this was a timed event!? I would so fail . . with my life (I am mom, dad, employee, therapist, daughter . .) I am perpetually exhausted . . seriously . .. But, I digress . .. . okay . . so where are you with this process? Do you also find there are certain prayers that need more than one day of attention! There are some of these that seriously need days of careful prayer . focus and attention. . .

Then there is the inevitable ‘help’ from Manicotti. . he only needs undivided attention if I’m busy with something . . LOL . .

So yes, I’m still praying for him . . and still writing the letter to him (although not as often as I should) . . and working on his quilt (will be a wedding present to him, but isn’t quilt pictured although I’d give it to him if requested) . . . he is in my heart . . kinda stuck in there by God with prayers made of gorilla glue . . he’s not in my arms or sitting by my side but I carry him in my heart throughout my day . . not quite as close as I carry Jesus (primo space #1) . but still close . . and I thank God for everything that he is and all he will become . .

2 responses to ““31 Days of Prayer for My Future Husband””

  1. cool! I do find sometimes there are just things in life that need more prayer more attention and thats ok right? I think it is! xo

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    1. Definitely ok . . some things are simply that important 💗☺🙏

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