Morning . .

Ah, a day off.. sort of happened by default as a new client changed her schedule . . but I’ve also been praying a LOT about my work schedule and am trusting God to (in the end) open up the hours I need off without me having to physically go in and change my availability. He always comes through so I will be patient!!

Meanwhile, I woke around 4am (didn’t check the time) with a slight stomach ache and feeling very nauseous. . couldn’t place what would cause this. . . prayed a bit then dozed off/on until my alarm went off at 6am for prayer time . . still sick . . not worse or better which seemed odd . . and no worries (cuz my God is soo good!!) so it wasn’t stress . . started coffee ☕ then began ‘prayer-lite’ while flipping through instagram and fb . . I follow a lot if incredible people/groups on instagram and their posts are uplifting. . about 6:30am I was better and real prayer began . . got a message from a friend . . awe . . (love you, Maria Mendivel!!) . . . love being around people who’s whole life is devoted to following Jesus!!! 🙌

7:43am . . time to make breakfast and wake Matt. . . poured coffee finally and started bacon cooking while watching Evangelist Gabriel Fernandez on YouTube. . I watch him almost every morning as part of my prayer time. . his videos do bless my growth in Him!

So bacon was cooked with sliced garlic . . then I moved the bacon to our plates and began cooking 6 eggs with 3 soup spoons of salsa and a lit of Monterey Jack cheese . . mixed it all together and let it cook on low heat . . I sprinkled curry powder on my half (amazing for arthritis!) . flipped it, turned off the heat and let it finish cooking . .

Breakfast is served!!! 🍳

2 responses to “Morning . .”

  1. Breakfast looks delish and you made me smile! Will look you up on Instagram. I love being inspired by others words. Have a great day!

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    1. You too and glad you stopped by! 💙


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