Comfort Bags for Homeless Teens

Today I stopped at Dollar Tree to buy the basic necessary items to pull together Comfort Bags for Homeless Teens (this video shows what I bought and why). I also added a super ball and a chewy sour candy (leftover from a church event). I have flyers from an upcoming youth event to add also (and will share about that event with you).

I’d really like to also include shampoo/conditioner as well as a small stuffed animal (something to hug as nights are long on the streets).

As I mentioned in the video, if there’s anything you think I forgot . . or anything you’d like to donate, please contact me via the comment section below.

2 responses to “Comfort Bags for Homeless Teens”

  1. Thank you

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    1. A small effort can have enormous impact 🙏💖🙌


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