Good Breakfast = Good Grades

As I’ve been able to cut back my work hours some, or at least improve what hours I’m away from home, I’ve had time to make breakfast more often. This is a blessing as I really need to get more veggies into Matt.

This morning I made . .

Celery and honey infused garlic cut up and cooked in bacon grease slowly . . then I poured in a bit of garlic infused honey and let it simmer . .

Corn tortillas were heated on a gas burner (a bit cracked as I bought in bulk and froze these).

I added six eggs, cheese and about 4-5 spoonfuls of organic Que Pasa medium salsa . . let it simmer on low heat (while I caught up a few dishes and made sure Matt was up for school).

Served it piping hot on top of the tortillas. .

A belly full of veggies, cheese, eggs and tortillas so grades will keep going up!! 🍳📚

*he ate all but the tortilla* *smh*

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