Morning Prayer

Good morning! God bless you. Isn’t it a beautiful day?!! Every day that I wake up still here and able to serve Him I am thankful.

How do you set up your morning prayer time? Do you have special things that help you concentrate more or bring you closer into the presence of God?

Here is a bit about mine~

First I rise and get ready . . you know, use the restroom and wash my face/brush my teeth . . oh, and turn on the coffee maker on the way to the bathroom!! ☕ This morning I sat and slowly brushed my hair as I began my prayers. . I love when I have an extra minute to simply brush my hair so this was a treat. Okay, so I popped it into a quick loose braid then poured my coffee while still praying.. . ooo, and I was listening to amazing YouTube videos of Christian groups . . follow me here to see all the videos I’ve found and what my choices are each day . . from looking at this you can also see a progression from past choices to present representing personal growth.

After my prayer time (hour) was technically over I prayed a bit longer (sometimes/many times ya just gotta) and watched Evans Francis preach about “When God Expects an Action”. He has a very small following, as far as I can see on YouTube, but his message is very powerful and touches my life. He doesn’t preach what I want to hear, but what God needs for me to know that day. He is humble and non-abrasive. He has real concern for God’s children.

Have a blessed day . .

Please share in the comments what you do special in your prayer time . .

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