Joy Dare September 10-16, 2018

10th~ 3 gifts moving~

πŸš™ morning drive

πŸ‘΄ new fun client

πŸ“– His Word in my heart


11th~ 3 gifts hard eucharisteo . .

πŸ’© clean-up

🌎 earth changes

πŸ™ waiting on Him


12th~ 3 gifts in His Word . .

πŸ“– salvation

πŸ“– peace

πŸ“– contentment


13th~ a gift scented, scrawled started . .

β˜• fresh hot early morning coffee

βœ’ work journal

πŸŽ„ plans for gifts


14th~ 3 gifts drawn . .

🏒 plans for redoing apartment

πŸ“– His plan for me

πŸ“’ letter of love πŸ’˜


15th~ 3 gifts paired . .

πŸ‘Ÿ clean socks

πŸ‘΅ the most awesome clients

πŸ‘ͺ familia


16th~ 3 gifts shared. . .

πŸ™Œ love for Him

🎢 beautiful praise and worship

πŸ‘€ vision

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