Extreme Couponing. . .?

Okay, so honestly this is how far behind I am. What to do . .? I’ve gotten so busy and this project, although important and fun, has fallen by the wayside.

Today I am beginning to dig out. I sorted out old flyers ect then looked through a couple current sale flyers (primarily Menards). Now I’m clipping coupons and throwing away any I come across that are expired. As I’m literally months behind (and had some in the wrong sections) this step will take hours. I’d like to get back to shopping efficiently so I really have to get this done. Once I’m caught up I’ll have a solid idea what coupons I have on hand so be able to match these up with sale flyers efficiently. At that point I’ll only be needing to allot approximately four (4) hours a week to clipping, sorting and matching up ads!!

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