Do you need something to base your faith/actions on or is God’s Word enough?

Okay, so here I sit praying. . endlessly always praying. . and I am preparing for several situations. But my preparation is not because I have a confirmation from any person that God will provide me with any of what I am preparing for. God has shown me that He will provide certain circumstances in my life and that I should prepare.

He has called me (long ago as a small child) to be a pastor’s wife. So I know I will eventually remarry. No, there is no man (to my limited knowledge) who has come forward and asked my pastor if he may court me. I am preparing based solely on what God has told me. . . making a wedding quilt . . his/hers pillowcases . . writing my future husband a long letter and praying for him/lifting him up to God daily.

To be honest there is absolutely no sign in the physical that I will ever even be courted much less marry again. But I know I will. So I look at my humble apartment and work at bringing my housekeeping back up to par. . get back into cooking and home canning . . and take better (way better) care of my health. I know God will provide and I want to be ready at a moment’s notice!!

Then there is His promise for another baby. Yes, I’ve had a partial hysterectomy, but many women still have baby’s after that. . . AND. . . my God can do anything He chooses. . He gave Abraham and Sarah a baby. . . an impossible miracle baby . . and I know He will do the same for me. I am trusting and believing actively so am making baby clothes and buying a few items here and there. Nope, no husband in sight, But my God will provide. He always does.

Is your faith reliant on seeing proof first?
That, my dear friend, is not faith.

Faith is believing in the unseen.


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