Bible Study . .

Hey, sorry I’ve been gone. I’ve had this weird off/on ear ache bouncing between my ears for over a week. It’s an allergy thing but has had me under the weather. . . ugh and funky . . wanna sleep but too busy to nap. After working an eleven hour day today I really (my flesh) wanted to come home and sleep. . . but I came home, got a nice shower (how can a simple shower feel sooo good??!!) and sat down to my simple nightly time with God. That helped so incredibly. Time in the shower is still time with God. As I wash away the residue of a long sweaty day He soothes me and reminds me what really matters. I emerge a new person . . fresh in body and spirit . . ready to move ahead for Him.

So I plopped (gently) down on my cot (which, btw, I am so grateful for) and pulled out my trusty Bible study notebook.

I love how this new way of Bible study (not sure that’s an appropriate name for it) works.

It requires me to literally open my heart to God in prayer.

Not having to follow some regimented program that cranks out stilted prayers each a carbon copy of another’s would be unsatisfying and wouldn’t bring this open dialog with my Lord!

Then, having to think about what His answer would be reminds me whom is really in charge here.

And the Bible reading?

Time in His word for Him to teach me.

3 responses to “Bible Study . .”

  1. Amen! I love spending time with Him, bowing at His precious feet!! ❀ He's the greatest teacher ever!

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    1. Amen to that!! πŸ™πŸ’–

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