John 11 and Learning Patience

Patience does seem to be a recurring theme in my life . . LOL . . wonder what could possibly be coming my way that the Lord needs to teach me so much more patience??!!?

Okay, so my prayer tonight was for a special couple (my Pastor and his wife) . . that the Lord bless them . . provide them comfort and blessings . . heal her legs and his diabetes . . open doors for better housing for them.

As I was wondering what Bible chapter to read I remembered the teaching from a video I watched last night and pulled out my notes. .

John 11~ Jesus took His time

Hebrew 4~ Jesus feels our infirmities but can’t let how He feels about it override what He needs to do

Hmm . . this was His answer to me . . that He sees the needs but also sees the bigger picture. . . things will change when that falls in line with His plan


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