Morning Prayer

Good morning!!

🙏God got me up at 5am today so we could have extra time together. 💖 He always sees my need and responds. I’ve been under the weather and, although I’m still praying daily (sometimes all day), I’m just not me .. in person or in my prayer life.

Last night I tried the sea salt flush hoping to purge toxins from my system . . that was 10:30pm yesterday . . um, I’m still waiting to flush!! Seriously, what happened there??!

Okay, so He got me up early . . not, “oh, it’s early, I’ll just roll over and close my eyes” . . no, this was wide awake . . 👀 “where’s my prayer journal”, start the coffee AwAkE!! So I turned off my alarm for

“💖🙏prayer time🙏💖”

and began time with Him . . He had things He needed to show me . . the biggest one was that He can (and is) use me right where I am. I have been super hung up on people in full-time ministry somehow being better and more useful to God than those of us who have to work other jobs. I was feeling so less in my Father’s eyes . . my ‘muchness’ was definitely in question. As much as He tried to remind me of all I had done to reach the homeless for Him, I just wasn’t hearing it . . if I wasn’t able to be in full-time ministry I was nothing. Nothing.

This morning He finally got it through my thick skull that what I do and the souls I reach are exactly where He needs me right now.

And that He lives all His children equally. None are more beloved in His eyes because of title, position, ect . . . it’s all about reaching souls for Him then loving on His souls wherever we find them . .

I thank God that He woke me early. . . . it’s this loving kindness and attention to the needs of every one of His children that draws me closer every day. . . it’s like when I long for more teaching.. . oh, to pop into church and sit and listen, but there’s for that at that moment . . in that moment He will direct me to amazing sermons on YouTube. . . sermons that directly relate to where I am and what He needs me to learn in order to move forward.

💖 He is such an amazing and loving God!! 💖

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