💰Acorns Helps Me Save Money! 📈

Thinking of investing a bit?

Maybe you’d like to play in the stock market but have very little extra money . .?

Could you spare a few dollars a week?

Or maybe the change from purchases?

If so try the Acorn app!! You can set it to invest the amount that’s comfortable for you, and change it at any time. You can choose to round-up all purchases made on any/all of your credit/debit cards. And you can retrieve your money any time you need it.

Additionally you can choose anywhere from a conservative to aggressive stock portfolio! I chose aggressive to start as, at 54 years young, I should already have enough money to be set for life. My plan is to accumulate a solid base then let the profit from that be reinvested to support me.

For now, though, I am going to take out the money I’ve accumulated these last few (3?) months and spend $96 to upgrade this blog!! That $96 (as well as the money I invest weekly and with roundups) is an investment in myself and being financially independent. Once my blog is upgraded I will monetize it making it self-supporting. It will first repay my Acorn account, then pay it’s own bills which could include my cell phone bill, a nice camera and portable Wi-Fi!!

So, now that I am making changes, I am also thinking more about how I’ve been investing. So far I’ve been doing 10% in tithes (invested into the kingdom of heaven) but only 1% in savings when the Bible clearly states that we should save 10%.

On the other hand, I am also in debt and the Bible says to repay our debts before we tithe or set aside savings. Hmm . . I have been disobedient in this. .but I am actively working on paying down/off all my debts. This includes working on getting back to the point of prepaying my bills.

As I withdraw the money from Acorns to invest in my blog I am also paying extra on bills and increasing my Acorns investment to $10/week. Both steps will insure a secure financial future. 💰
If you’re interested in having fun with investing, savings, stock market and greater obedience to His command to save for your/your family’s future then click on the link above and start your own Acorn account!! 📈

2 responses to “💰Acorns Helps Me Save Money! 📈”

  1. Good luck with it! I never heard of acorn!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I like it because I can learn about the stock market.. . and it let’s me automatically save money. I’m up to $104+ so I can now upgrade my WordPress!!


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