Tbt~ “As the Temperatures Drop”

How I miss that wood stove! It was simple/basic. The cheapest model Menards sold at the time. No fancy glass door, but great heat!

Looking back at how secure I felt sitting in front of that stove, my toes toasty and the furnace never having to kick on. . wow, were we blessed!!

And now, as we sit in an apartment, I can’t just install a wood stove. I have to pray the boiler keeps the radiators hot all winter. I have zero control of whether or not our heat source is working properly. With the wood stove I could gather all the firewood people left at the curb plus scavenge scrap at a couple factories. We had unending free heat. Yes, we were blessed.

Being an unprepped prepper in an apartment I am having to really think outside the box. How would we stay warm if there was no gas supply to the boiler or gas cooking stove? We have a nice space heater but that requires electricity. Coming from Illinois and having dealt with the electric supplier there I know full well I need a plan to stay comfortable for multiple weeks with no electricity.

If our power grid were to fail in the dead of winter what is your plan?

4 responses to “Tbt~ “As the Temperatures Drop””

  1. We can burn wood, and we have a decent generator to be able to run the essentials. We live way back off the road, so even getting out of our driveway is often a chore. But we manage. The rooms without fireplaces get really, really cold, really, really quickly though. πŸ˜ƒ

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    1. Yeah, our house was only 1200 sq ft and one story on a slab. We learned how to set up the stove so that it burned slow all night and kept us comfy. The furnace rarely kicked on (was set at 55Β°F) and my gas bill was a consistent $15/month year round. I miss the independence we had with that set up.

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      1. It’s priceless. 😊

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