Tbt~ “As the Temperatures Drop”

How I miss that wood stove! It was simple/basic. The cheapest model Menards sold at the time. No fancy glass door, but great heat!

Looking back at how secure I felt sitting in front of that stove, my toes toasty and the furnace never having to kick on. . wow, were we blessed!!

And now, as we sit in an apartment, I can’t just install a wood stove. I have to pray the boiler keeps the radiators hot all winter. I have zero control of whether or not our heat source is working properly. With the wood stove I could gather all the firewood people left at the curb plus scavenge scrap at a couple factories. We had unending free heat. Yes, we were blessed.

Being an unprepped prepper in an apartment I am having to really think outside the box. How would we stay warm if there was no gas supply to the boiler or gas cooking stove? We have a nice space heater but that requires electricity. Coming from Illinois and having dealt with the electric supplier there I know full well I need a plan to stay comfortable for multiple weeks with no electricity.

If our power grid were to fail in the dead of winter what is your plan?


  1. We can burn wood, and we have a decent generator to be able to run the essentials. We live way back off the road, so even getting out of our driveway is often a chore. But we manage. The rooms without fireplaces get really, really cold, really, really quickly though. 😃

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