When He Leads Me . .

Hey there . . welcome back . . starting to feel a bit better. That crazy sea salt flush did nothing for me. I won’t be doing that again (probably).

Okay . .

As Sophia Patrillo says, “I digress” . .

I’ve been really praying for direction so that I can move forward. This morning, as I was looking through YouTube for music for while I prayed, I found The Intercessor: Keys to having prayers answered. This video was His answer to my question. Yes, it may seem like an odd answer, but it is the right answer. When I spend my time praying for others (interceding) vs praying for what I want for myself my personal growth in Him is multiplied so much faster!!

How could I have possibly forgotten/not noticed this?!!

So today I start my prayer life over . .
Not about me . .

About other’s needs.


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